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Long Description for Graphic Entitled "Empowerment Model of Recovery from Mental Illness"

By Daniel Fisher, M.D., Ph.D. and Laurie Ahern

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The graphic illustrates an oval pattern with various descriptions located around the perimeter and in the interior.  There is a counter clockwise rotation indicated by arrows.

Picture the oval as the face of a clock, and you start at 3:00 which is labeled as "Balanced and whole".  There is an arrow which flows towards 2:00 which is labeled as "Loss/Stress".  From here the arrows split, either running to 12:00 which is labeled as "Severe Emotional Distress (SED)" or towards the center which is labeled "Sufficient supports, & coping". 

From "Sufficient supports, & coping", the arrow points down below the center to a position labeled as "Emotionally Distressed" which you will come to again as the flow continues from the top.

Going back to the top, there is an arrow which points down to "Severe Emotional Distress (SED)", or it continues counter clockwise to about 10:00 which is labeled as "Insufficient supports & coping".

From here, it flows to 9:00 which is labeled as "Mentally Ill", and continues to flow towards 8:00 which is labeled "Recovery from mental illness through self-management & social role".

From here, the arrows split with a sweeping motion towards the center which is labeled as "Mentally Distressed" (which is just below "Sufficient supports & coping").  From Emotionally Distressed, the arrow sweeps down to the 5:00 position which is labeled as "Healing".

Going back to 8:00 ("Recovery from mental illness through self-management & social role") the other arrow sweeps along to 5:00 which is labeled as "Healing".  Form here, the arrow sweeps up to where we started at the 3:00 position which is labeled as "Balance and whole".

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