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In the aftermath of the hurricanes Katrina and Rita, people need someone to talk with. There are not nearly enough counselors to provide these services face-to-face. So NEC has compiled a list of warmlines to partly meet this need.

These warmlines are all run by mental health consumers, who are trained to provide peer support over the telephone. They are all eager to help the mental health consumers of LA, TX, and MS to adjust and cope. They can be called free of charge from anywhere in the US.


  • Peer support in Georgia 888-945-1414
  • KEYS Consumer Organization in Indiana, 800-933-KEYS: Available 8 AM – 5 PM M-F (EST)
  • M H Consumer/Survivor Network of Minnesota, 800-483-2007: Available 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (CST)
  • For a listing of warmlines - www.warmline.org

Resources about running warmlines:

  • National MH Self-help Clearinghouse (PA) 800-553-4KEY
  • National Empowerment Center Inc. (MA) 800-power2u (800-769-3728)
  • Peer-run Warmlines and Warmline Resources - www.power2u.org/peer-run-warmlines.html