Job Summary
This position requires a self-motivated person with extensive knowledge of and involvement in the recovery movement. Qualifications include lived experience of extreme states that include hearing, seeing, or sensing things that others don’t and unusual beliefs. Knowledge of the Hearing Voices Network is desirable.

The position involves skill in engaging individuals and promoting wellness mutual aid groups as well as in facilitating a variety of peer-led support groups. This includes but is not limited to groups that integrate Wellness Recovery Action Plan ethics and values, trauma-informed approaches, and adhere to the values and ethos of Intentional Peer Support and Hearing Voices Network. The mutual aid facilitator will also train peers in peer recovery approaches that result in certification, including but not limited to Mental Health Recovery and Wellness Recovery Action Plan and Hearing Voices Network knowledge and understanding.

The unique opportunities of this position require a creative and flexible individual who is committed to growing their recovery knowledge. Training in the aforementioned approached that are not listed in the job description qualifications will be offered through employment opportunities. The position requires someone who can work independently and enjoys working collaboratively with others to advance the vision of growing informal community-based peer support and mutual aid in Montgomery County.

For more information please contact David Son CPS and co-director at 484-681-9432 or [email protected].