Community Recovery Dialogues

For the past 20 years the National Empowerment Center has carried a vision of recovery and wellness to the old, failing, medically-based mental health system which labels people in emotional distress as having broken brains that
need medicating and managing.

For the next 20 years, NEC is proposing a new campaign to teach the philosophy and practice of dialogue. NEC wants to use Community Dialogues to inspire society at large with the hope that recovery and wellness are found primarily in human relationships of respect, love, and understanding. NEC will employ people with lived wisdom of recovery to conduct Community Dialogues. This project is a collaboration with the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care.

Press Release: National Empowerment Center Celebrates 20th Anniversary, Launches Visionary Community Dialogue Project

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Mad in America – Blog: Community Dialogues for Recovery and Wellness

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Video – Introduction to Community Recovery Dialogues

Daniel B. Fisher, MD, PhD, shares the National Empowerment Center’s vision for the future: community dialogues bringing together people with lived experience of mental health recovery, providers, family members, and the general public.