Heartbeats of Hope: The Empowerment Way to Recover Your Life


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By Daniel Fisher, MD, PhD

I hope for a day when:

Every person who experiences extreme emotional states is engaged in respectful, hopeful, humanistic, and empowering relationships that enable them to heal and recover full, meaningful lives in the community.

Instead of being seen as threats to society, we will be seen as a source of wisdom that we have obtained through our recovery.

Practices like Open Dialogue will eliminate the long-term iatrogenic effects of a prophesy of doom and lifelong illness.

Suffering will be seen as an understandable human response to trauma rather than a chemical imbalance or a defective fear circuit.

Voluntary, community-based, recovery-oriented, culturally attuned, traumainformed services and housing will replace psychiatric hospitals.

The mental health system will be run by persons with lived experience of recovery from extreme emotional states.

Everyone will learn how to assist each other through extreme emotional states by learning communication skills such as Emotional CPR.

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Trade paperback, 272 pages
ISBN: 0692764593
Publication Date: 2017

Book Review by Morgan W. Brown (September 4, 2017):

This rather compelling book, which in large part is a detailed account of the life of its author, provides essential insights into the life experiences and evolving journey that eventually inspired the author to pursue arduous training that led him to a career as a psychiatrist. Read more…

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Heartbeats of Hope

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