A Way Out of MadnessBy Daniel Mackler and David Morrissey

Book Review by Rossa Forbes, a parent who pens the blog Holistic Recovery from Schizophrenia

A self-help manual for psychosis, this book has got to be unique. As a parent, I am not the intended target audience for this book. This book is aimed mainly at young people in their late teens or twenties who have suffered a mental health breakdown and now have to pick up the pieces, usually under the anxious eyes of their families. I gifted this book to my son and have been stealing time with it ever since. I am relieved that this book was written because, to be selfish about it, it makes my job easier. The chapters’ authors say what I have been saying to my son, but the difference is, they’ve been there and they are opinionated about the role of the family as a force for both good and evil. For every mother and father who is wondering why their child is still at home on the couch after several years, the advice given here will cause you to cheer. [Click here to read the full review] [To read a sample chapter by Will Hall, click here] [Click to purchase: A Way Out of Madness]

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