Information Technology

Information technology is a vast and quickly changing field.  This page is designed to help consumers and consumer-run programs gain a better understanding of how to use new and innovative technologies to empower and inform themselves, to give and receive support, share the message of wellness and recovery with the public, and to fundraise.

Expanding Your Social Media Presence


Jenee Darden, Web Content, and PR Specialist, PEERS
Shannon Eliot, Communications Manager PEERS
Sherman Park, Video Production Specialist, PEERS
Kelechi Ubozoh, Statewide Project Coordinator, PEERS

Expanding Your Social Media Presence (PDF, 3.5MB, 71 page)

Successful Crowdfunding: Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned


Oryx Cohen, National Empowerment Center
Leah Harris, National Empowerment Center
Dese’Rae Stage, Live Through This

Successful Crowdfunding: Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned (PDF, 5.01MB, 41 pages)
Successful Crowdfunding: Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned (PowerPoint, 4.76MB, 41 pages)


Webinar Archive Now Available:
Get Social! Using Social Media to Advance Your Mission, Raise Awareness, and Provide Peer Support


Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Podcasting, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus. In an ever-growing social media landscape, it is easy to feel lost and not know where to begin. Our presenters will help you find your place on the social media map and head out on your personal or organizational journey. Using real-life stories and anecdotes, each presenter will discuss how their organization developed a social media strategy, the tools they use and how they use them, and the benefits and challenges they have experienced along the way. This webinar is geared towards peers, peer-run organizations, mental health service providers, family members, policymakers, administrators, and all other stakeholders. Originally held March 2, 2012. Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation.

Social Networking and Social Media: A Guide for People with Lived Experience of Mental Health Issues and Recovery

An interactive guide to the online and social media landscapes, with a variety of clickable links and resources. Developed by the National Empowerment Center.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Social Media but Were Afraid to Ask

Presentation by Judene Shelley and Leah Harris of the National Empowerment Center – Alternatives Conference 2011 – Orlando, FL

PowerPoint Presentation (4.15MB, 30 pages)
PDF version of PowerPoint (1.06MB, 30 pages)

The Future of Mental Health Social Media

By Corinna West –

SAMHSA’s Social Health Hub

To assist the public health community in developing and adopting best practices in the use of social media, SAMHSA has established the Social Health Hub. This effort is grounded in the belief that peer learning and peer sharing are fundamental to the long-term success of using online communications for public engagement. Click to visit SAMHSA’s Social Health Hub

Social Good: Social media for nonprofits

The Chronicle of Philanthropy creates a weekly podcast dedicated to helping nonprofits use social media to raise funds and awareness about causes. Click here to access the podcasts.

Smash Solutions Online Social Media Course

Smash Solutions presents a free six part course on social media. For more information and to register, click here.