Manuals with Guidance on Starting and Sustaining a Peer Respite

New Guidebook from the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

Paving New Ground: Peers Working in In-Patient Settings. The guidebook is 110 pages, and an excellent resource on Peer Support Recovery. (PDF, 934KB)

Comfort Rooms by Gayle Bluebird (PDF of a PowerPoint, 35 pages, 610KB)



Bringing Peer-run Respites to Massachusetts

Concept paper used to persuade decision-makers at the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health to fund peer-run respites. This concept paper follows a sequence of headings, 1) What our goals are, 2) What we know, 3) What we propose to do, and 4) Why NEC is uniquely able to be successful. It can be used as an example of how to write a successful concept paper.”

Click to view Concept Paper for Peer-run Respites (PDF, 32KB, 3 pages)

Peer-Run Crisis Respites (PRCR) Fact Sheet

Click to view PRCR Fact Sheet (PDF, 57KB, 1 page)

Webinar: Peer Support Wellness Respite Centers

Produced by the SAMHSA/HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions (CIHS) 

Eight states currently fund Peer Support Wellness Respite Centers promoting mind-body wellness, whole health, and resiliency. Join us for this free webinar that will address how these innovative Centers are supporting wellness and demonstrating outcomes that include reduced hospitalization for people in recovery from addiction and mental illness. Click here to view a recording of the webinar.

Do-It-Yourself Peer-run Crisis Alternative Center

A beginner’s guide by Lenora Kimball (PDF, 136KB, 4 pages)

Recovery from Crisis Through Peer Run Respite

A presentation by Daniel B. Fisher and Cathy A. Levin (PDF, 2.11MB, 5 Pages)
A presentation by Daniel B. Fisher and Cathy A. Levin (PowerPoint, 10 Pages, 7.1MB)

Combating NIMBYism (not in my backyard): What a Difference a Community Makes

Articles by Shery Mead on Peer Support and Peer Crisis Alternatives

Peer Respite Services: Transforming Crisis to Wellness

PowerPoint Presentation by Steve Miccio, August 2011 (3MB)

Steve Miccio describes Rose House model

Steve Miccio describes Rose house model. Presented at Alternatives 2010 (PDF, 698KB, 11 pages)

Performance Measurement: ROSI-A tool to measure mental health recovery in local mental health systems

Presentation by Priscilla Ridgeway, May 2009 (PDF of PowerPoint, 251KB, 8 pages) 

Peer Led Crisis Alternatives

Presentation by Dr. Jan Wallcraft, 2009 (PDF of PowerPoint, 1008KB, 18 pages)

Likert scale survey about recovery

Likert scale survey about recovery (PDF, 62KB, 6 pages)

Sample job posting for new peer-run respite

Sample job posting for an individual or organization to create a new peer-run respite,
based in Vermont (PDF, 53KB, 4 pages)