Join Us for Our Pass the Torch and 30th Anniversary Celebration!

Join us on Thursday, August 18th at 4:00pm Eastern/1:00pm Pacific for a celebration of the National Empowerment Center’s 30th anniversary, and an introduction of our new CEO, Oryx Cohen, and our new COO, Tanya Ryder! You are invited to participate in a virtual coffee house with our team to commemorate NEC’s history of consumer and survivor leadership and advocacy, as well as our vision for the future of our organization and the peer movement. Our team will speak about milestones from NEC’s work over the years and share our hopes and dreams for the future. Join us to learn more about recent initiatives to expand our Emotional CPR training program globally, to adapt Emotional CPR and our training program Finding Our Voice by and for youth audiences, and to highlight the intersections of antiracism and mental health liberation in our advocacy and education.

You are welcome to drop in at any time during this virtual coffee house between 4:00-6:00pm Eastern/1:00-3:00pm Pacific for an opportunity to hear from our team and share your input. We look forward to this chance to connect with you and get to know one another!

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Video from 8-Year-Old Youth Peer Advocate

Chase Arcangel is an autistic advocate who is passionate about disability rights and the environment. He would like to become a meteorologist when he grows up. He loves art, music, reading, and science. He collaborated with his mom, Joana, to create this video about advocacy.

Both Chase and Joana spoke in NEC’s recent Finding Our Voice webinar. See below for more information on this webinar and the link to the recording.

Webinar Recording Now Available: Finding Our Voice

Presenters: Joana Arcangel, Chase Arcangel, Dan Fisher, Shira Collings, and Richard Krzyzanowski

Webinar Description:

Would you like to participate in advocacy but don’t know where to begin? Experiences of trauma and treatment often stifle our voice. Join this webinar to learn how we can transform our anger to our passionate voice!

Click here to view the recording of this webinar.

Webinar Recording Now Available: Do You Hear What I Hear?

Presenters: Kenneth Kozi Arrington, Tom Clute, and Kate Hill

Webinar Description:

This is a presentation on the Hearing Voices Movement. Topics covered will be the history, philosophy, and worldview of the Hearing Voices Network (HVN) and taking charge of your wellness and intentionality.
Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will learn about the history of the Hearing Voices Network
2. Participants will learn the values of the Hearing Voices Network
3. Participants will learn coping strategies for how to deal with distressing voices, including the value of hearing voices groups

Click here for the recording. Click here for Kenneth Kozi Arrington’s slides and here for Tom Clute’s slides.

How Emotional CPR Can Help Persons “Be The Person They Were Born To Be”

NEC’s former CEO, Dan Fisher, MD, PhD recently authored an article illustrating how the practice of Emotional CPR helped a distressed person become aware of their feelings and feel for the first time that she could “be the person she was born to be.” Click here for the article.

Moving Toward a Human Rights Approach to Mental Health, published in Community Mental Health Journal, by Jim Probert

Article Abstract: The University of Florida Counseling and Wellness Center (UFCWC) has implemented peer support and professional training programs to address human rights identified within advocacy groups comprised of individuals who have, themselves, been diagnosed with mental illness. These programs are moving the UFCWC toward fulfilling a 2017 United Nations report emphasizing rights-based professional training, provision of genuine informed consent, and availability of non-compromised peer support alternatives. Collaborating with student peers, four UFCWC faculty members have facilitated forms of peer support developed within service-user movements, while openly identifying experiences of reclaiming their own lives from the impacts of adversity, intense mental distress, and traumatizing responses of others to their distress. In the wake of the current pervasive health, economic, and social justice crises, professionals have a collective opportunity to recognize the human experience and rights of those suffering mental distress. These UFCWC programs offer one example of steps taken toward that goal.

Click here to read the article.

NEC’s Kimberly Ewing Featured on Indy Now TV on Fox 59

NEC’s emotional CPR coordinator, Kimberly Ewing, was featured on Indy TV Now on Fox 59 on March 25th. She spoke about how emotional CPR training equips individuals to help those going through an emotional crisis or trauma. Click here to view her interview.

Webinar Recording Now Available: Youth Empowerment and Self-Discovery through Emotional CPR in Schools

A SAMHSA-sponsored two-part series webinar presented by the National Coalition of Mental Health Recovery
Presenters: Sean Perry and Felicity Therese Krueger

Webinar Description:

Incorporating peer-led support programs for youth as part of school-based mental health support is critical in eliminating stigma surrounding mental health challenges, increasing a sense of hope, and promoting behavioral health equity. Access to peer-led support is increasingly important as we continue to face a global pandemic and its long-term cumulative effects that have drastically changed the ways that youth navigate the world.

This webinar will explore how Youth Emotional CPR, a public health program that teaches participants from ages 16 to 25 how to support themselves and each other amidst emotional distress, can be successfully introduced in the public school setting and yield positive outcomes for students who participate. The presenters will explain how learning to connect (C), emPower (P), and revitalize (R) can teach youth about the power of mutual support, nonverbal connections, active listening, and finding the healer within. They will explore the concept of “empowerment” and discuss how it can give youth the tools to advocate for themselves on their journeys to healing and wellness, which can then lead to building a more compassionate and supportive community. The presenters will also share some strategies for introducing Youth eCPR to various school systems.

After the webinar, the participants will be invited to an interactive discussion on February 28th where they can get a firsthand experience of Youth eCPR, ask additional questions, and share their thoughts on how school systems could support youth in finding empowerment and the healer within themselves.


1. Learn about the C = connect, P = empower, and R = revitalize of the eCPR program and how these elements can work together to support youth in emotional distress in the school setting.

2. Explore how the concept of “empowerment” can help youth advocate for themselves in their wellness journey.

3. Learn about strategies to introduce Youth eCPR to youth, school systems, community members, and other stakeholders.

Click here to view the recording of Part 1.

Promising Evidence of the Role of Emotional CPR: Co-Immunity Through Community CPR

A recent editorial by Daniel Fisher points out that social-emotional connecting can improve a person’s immune response. We are calling this Co-immunity through community. Since Emotional CPR has been shown to improve emotional connecting, this editorial suggests that Emotional CPR can improve Co-immunity to COVID. Click here to read the editorial.

Emotional CPR: Heart-Centered Peer Support

NEC’s COO Oryx Cohen and Youth Emotional CPR Trainer Briza Gavidia were recently featured on the Mad in America podcast to discuss how Emotional CPR can be utilized to assist youth in emotional crisis. Click here to listen to the podcast episode.

“Meet Daniel Fisher of NEC in Lawrence”

NEC’s Daniel Fisher was recently profiled in Boston Voyager. Click here to read about Daniel Fisher and his work with the National Empowerment Center, Emotional CPR, and National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery.

Peer and Non-Peer Academic Scientists and Peer Support Specialist Community of Practice Stakeholder Engagement to Advance the Science of Peer Support

Dan Fisher is one of the authors of this article: Peer and Non-Peer Academic Scientists and Peer Support Specialist Community of Practice: Stakeholder Engagement to Advance the Science of Peer Support. Click here to view the article online and here to download a PDF of the article.

Hudson to Launch Emotional CPR Program

The Hudson Health Department received a grant to offer NEC’s Emotional CPR training to multiple sectors of the Hudson community, such as the business community, first responders, town department, school staff, and the library. Hudson will be the first community in the country to have multiple sectors trained in eCPR. For more information, click here.

New Resource: The Advocates’ Guide 2020

The Advocates’ Guide: An Educational Primer on Federal Programs and Resources Related to Affordable Housing andCommunity Development is, as the title suggests, a guide to affordable housing. But on many levels it is much more than that. The guide comprises hundreds of pages of useful resources and practical knowhow, written by leading experts in the affordable housing and community development field with a common purpose: to educate advocates and affordable housing providers of all kinds about the programs and policies that make housing affordable and accessible to low-income people across America.

Click here for the guidebook.

Recent Work

Webinar: Emotional CPR Brings Hope, Life and Community to a Sad World

British Columbia Psychosocial Rehabilitation | Advanced Practice is very pleased to announce a webinar with Dr. Daniel Fisher CEO of The National Empowerment Center, and Shontelle Prokipcak from Mental Health and Addiction Services of Ottawa! Click here for the webinar overview

Recent Interview with NEC’s Dan Fisher on Polish Radio Station

Daniel Fisher was recently interviewed in Katowice,Poland by a TV station. There is an introduction in Polish, but rest of interview is in English with translation into Polish. See below for the interview.

Updated Hearing Voices Curriculum Now Available!

Originally developed by Dr. Pat Deegan, the NEC Hearing Voices Curriculum now includes updates developed by Dr. Dan Fisher, Oryx Cohen, and Digital Eyes Film.  In addition to the original simulation exercises, the updates include a new DVD featuring one of the co-founders of the Hearing Voices Network, Dr. Marius Romme, as well as testimony from voice hearers themselves.  The updated curriculum includes new discussion questions that will help participants better understand how they can support voice hearers after the training.

For more information about the curriculum click here.

Learn more about the updated Hearing Voices Curriculum in the video below.

Resource of the Week

Measuring the Promise: A Compendium of Recovery Measures

One of a series of materials produced by the Evaluation [email protected] This compendium provides a resource of current recovery and recovery-related instruments for adult mental health system stakeholders to use in research and evaluation particularly towards the end of identifying evidence-based practices. [Click to view Measuring the Promise (PDF – 7,917KB, 254 pages)]

Studies on Emotional CPR

Research findings of an eCPR study published in June 2022 found eCPR benefits individuals from multiple, diverse demographics. It can enhance their ability to connect with others, to understand what it means to be with someone who is experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis, to accept their own emotions, and to be confident in being their most authentic self in both their work and personal lives. Participants found eCPR training to be a valuable resource for learning new skills when engaging with an individual who may be in distress or experiencing a mental health crisis.

For a one-page summary of the article, click here.

To access the full-text publication, visit:

A study published in April 2021 found that eCPR may increase feelings of belonging while increasing supportive behaviors toward individuals with mental health problems and improving clinical outcomes related to positive and negative affect and feelings of loneliness. Statistically significant pre-post improvements were found related to one’s ability to identify emotions, support others in distress, communicate nonverbally, share emotions, and take care of oneself, as well as to one’s feelings of social connectedness, self-perceived flourishing, and positive affect. Findings indicated promising evidence of pre-post improvements (not statistically significant) related to loneliness, empowerment, active-empathetic listening, mindfulness awareness, and hope.

For a one-page summary of the article, click here.

To access the full-text publication, visit:

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