To carry a message of recovery, empowerment, hope and healing to people with lived experience with mental health issues, trauma, and extreme states.


Emotional CPR Book Just Released

Emotional CPR: Assisting People through Emotional Distress recounts how a team, mainly comprising individuals with personal experiences of severe mental health conditions, developed a novel method to aid those in mental health crises. Unlike conventional approaches, this method prioritizes establishing a heart-to-heart connection over diagnosis. By treating individuals as resourceful, the approach empowers them to navigate their path forward, fostering revitalization. This approach reflects how the Emotional CPR developers desired to be treated during their own distress, and how such treatment facilitated their journey through distress. Click here to purchase the book.

Neurodiversity Gifts is Now Available!

Neurodiversity Gifts is an impactful, multi-dimensional encounter workshop brought to you by South African Josh and the National Empowerment Center. It is designed to give people living with mental health conditions a fresh, colorful perspective of their potential, and an expanded view of reality at large.

By combining insights from Western perspectives (science, psychology, and philosophy) with insights from Non-Western perspectives (traditional cultures, spirituality, and mysteries), the goal is to reframe your identity away from self-stigma, towards post-traumatic growth, and the potential gifts of your neurodiverse mind.

The 3 hour individual training is now available for $120. Click here to purchase the individual training!

Licenses for the complete 12 hour group training are now available for $1,200!  Click here to purchase the group training!

Artists for Change Exhibit

Gayle Bluebird has completed an art exhibit featuring the work of artists with lived experience who are part of the peer movement. It is now available for anyone who wishes to view it. Click here for the exhibit.

Webinar Recording Now Available: Understanding Resilience in Peer Support

Presenters: Angela Navarro and Nita Chopra
Moderator: Joana Arcangel

Join us for a webinar on navigating work as peer workers and first time supervisors. The webinar includes a moderator and panelists who previously worked together in a Transitional Age Youth (TAY) program. They will share individually and collectively about their experiences navigating employment, recovery, and work-life balance.  Each has experience in being a Certified Teacher of the Community Resiliency Model (CRM)® through the Trauma Resource Institute.

Click here for the recording.

Webinar Recording Now Available: Creating an LGBTQIA+ Summer Camp: Creating Representation and Safe Spaces for LGBTQIA+ Youth

Presenter: Jess Bowman
Moderator: Felicity Therese Krueger

In this webinar, Jess Bowman will be sharing about Camp Beacon, how the vision was born, how their team created a successful first year and where they plan to go from here.

Jess Bowman is the co-founder and director for Camp Beacon, Kentucky’s first and only summer camp experience for LGBTQ+ youth. Jess has been an advocate for the queer community since 2019, lobbying both city and state government. She’s involved with multiple community organizations. Jess is a mom of two living in Lexington and works in housing justice as her day job. Her mission is to produce safe, fun and affirming spaces for young people to thrive and find joy.

Click here for the recording.

NEC’s CEO Oryx Cohen Interviewed on Oddball Podcast

NEC’s CEO, Oryx Cohen, was recently interviewed on the Oddball Podcast about Emotional CPR and his work with NEC. Click here for the audio recording.

A Good Intro to Emotional CPR

Webinar Recording Now Available: Coffee House Chat with NEC’s Youth Coordinator

Presenter: Felicity Krueger
Moderator: Shira Collings

Webinar Description:

Felicity is the National Empowerment Center’s new Youth Coordinator as well as Emotional CPR’s youngest trainer! This webinar will be all about NEC’s current work with youth, including Youth Emotional CPR, our Youth Leadership Webinar Series, and an adaption of Emotional CPR being developed for elementary age children. Come hear about these innovative programs and have an opportunity to get to know Felicity and learn about her role.

Click here for the recording.

How Emotional CPR Can Help Persons “Be The Person They Were Born To Be”

NEC’s former CEO, Dan Fisher, MD, PhD recently authored an article illustrating how the practice of Emotional CPR helped a distressed person become aware of their feelings and feel for the first time that she could “be the person she was born to be.” Click here for the article.

Recent Work

Updated Hearing Voices Curriculum Now Available!

Originally developed by Dr. Pat Deegan, the NEC Hearing Voices Curriculum now includes updates developed by Dr. Dan Fisher, Oryx Cohen, and Digital Eyes Film.  In addition to the original simulation exercises, the updates include a new DVD featuring one of the co-founders of the Hearing Voices Network, Dr. Marius Romme, as well as testimony from voice hearers themselves.  The updated curriculum includes new discussion questions that will help participants better understand how they can support voice hearers after the training.

For more information about the curriculum click here.

Learn more about the updated Hearing Voices Curriculum in the video below.

Resource of the Week

ReAwaken Manifesto

The ReAwaken Manifesto was born out of a week-long gathering of international leaders in mental health, addiction, and trauma at the inaugural ReAwaken conference, ReAwaken Australia, which took place 8-12 April 2019 in Adelaide, South Australia.  The manifesto reflects the collective work and vision of these leaders. ReAwaken recognizes that our society is asleep in many ways, more isolated than ever from each other and the environment, which has led to ineffective and often harmful polices and practices in the fields of mental health, trauma and addiction.  We call for a great reawakening of the human spirit, a reclaiming of our narratives, and a reconnection with our fellow travelers and the earth.  We know this is possible because we have achieved this in one short week, having created a beautiful, safe, inclusive, and loving community in one small corner of the world.

Finding Our Voice Together
NEC’s Quarterly Newsletter

NEC Newsletter - August 2023

Studies on Emotional CPR

Research findings of an eCPR study published in June 2022 found eCPR benefits individuals from multiple, diverse demographics. It can enhance their ability to connect with others, to understand what it means to be with someone who is experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis, to accept their own emotions, and to be confident in being their most authentic self in both their work and personal lives. Participants found eCPR training to be a valuable resource for learning new skills when engaging with an individual who may be in distress or experiencing a mental health crisis.

For a one-page summary of the article, click here.

To access the full-text publication, visit: https://formative.jmir.org/2022/6/e32219/

A study published in April 2021 found that eCPR may increase feelings of belonging while increasing supportive behaviors toward individuals with mental health problems and improving clinical outcomes related to positive and negative affect and feelings of loneliness. Statistically significant pre-post improvements were found related to one’s ability to identify emotions, support others in distress, communicate nonverbally, share emotions, and take care of oneself, as well as to one’s feelings of social connectedness, self-perceived flourishing, and positive affect. Findings indicated promising evidence of pre-post improvements (not statistically significant) related to loneliness, empowerment, active-empathetic listening, mindfulness awareness, and hope.

For a one-page summary of the article, click here.

To access the full-text publication, visit: https://jopm.jmir.org/2021/1/e25867.

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Emotional CPR: Assisting People Through Emotional Distress

Editors: Barbara Meyers, PhD, MDiv, CPS; Daniel B. Fisher, MD, PhD; W. Reid Smithdeal, MSW, LCSW, CPSS; Oryx Cohen, MPA; and Shira Collings, MS, LPC

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An Introduction to Emotional CPR (eCPR)

Finding Our Voice

Finding Our Voice is a program for training emerging c/s/x leaders in advocacy skills and ways of being.
The following video was produced by one our graduates, Miriam Israel using the skills that she learned in our training.

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To carry a message of recovery, empowerment, hope and healing to people with lived experience with mental health issues, trauma, and extreme states.