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Recovery Stories

NEC receives many requests each week of people looking for information on recovery from mental illness. We believe one of the most helpful resources is to hear the stories of those who have an actual experience of recovery. For that reason we are excited to begin a new page on our website dedicated to the stories of some folks who have had an experience of severe emotional anguish some call “mental illness” and who have had the experience of recovery. Their words can tell you most authentically about the real experience of recovery. As you read several stories, perhaps you will notice certain themes that may help you in your own recovery. May you receive hope and inspiration from their stories.

If you would like to have your story considered for the website please send it to the National Empowerment Center by using our Contact Form for Recovery Stories.

Before You Call for Help

April 20, 2021|

A Quick-Reference Guide for Significant Others and Family Members who want to Help Their Loved One Who is Experiencing Extreme, Emotional Distress By Sam Ruck   The blog that I have kept on WordPress from

A Peer From England’s Story

January 24, 2017|Tags: |

Finding my final key to recovery- my peers I have been part of or accessing the mental health system for nearly eighteen years and through that time I have had many feelings and thoughts about

Larry (L.A.) Jones

January 24, 2017|Tags: , |

My Story Now being the type of person who focuses outward from his thoughts, feelings and symptoms, I can truly say without a doubt I know mental health recovery and what that really means. A


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