Neurodiversity Gifts is an impactful, multi-dimensional encounter workshop brought to you by South African Josh and the National Empowerment Center. It is designed to give people living with mental health conditions a fresh, colorful perspective of their potential, and an expanded view of reality at large.

By combining insights from Western perspectives (science, psychology, and philosophy) with insights from Non-Western perspectives (traditional cultures, spirituality, and mysteries), the goal is to reframe your identity away from self-stigma, towards post-traumatic growth, and the potential gifts of your neurodiverse mind.

The 3 hour individual training is now available for $120. Click here to purchase the individual training!

Licenses for the complete 12 hour group training are now available for $1,200!  Click here to purchase the group training!

If you are interested in an in person Neurodiversity Gifts workshop please submit this form as an individual participant or on behalf of your group.


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