When Not In A Depressed State:

• Make a list of things you enjoy, things that bring you pleasure.

• Find one person you trust who you can call or who will be willing to BE with you. This person can remind you of who you are when you can’t remember. The goal of this person is not to “snap you out of it”, but someone who can remind you that you are a loving, beautiful person, even when you are feeling worthless.

• Prepare some meals for the freezer for those days when feeding yourself feels really hard.

• Create a daily practice: yoga, meditation, walking, prayer, lighting a candle, facing the four directions, smudging with sage, whatever fits with your belief system and feels good to you.

• Take a notebook and fill it with inspirational sayings, poems, verses, jokes, photographs that make you feel good.

• Depression feels like it will never end because memory cannot transcend vibration. Every emotional state is a different energy frequency. Our memory only travels along the current vibrational frequency, so when we are depressed, that’s all we can remember. Write this in your notebook. It does not change the experience, but it helps me to know “This too will change”

Nurturing Oneself in Depression (PDF, 72KB, 5 pages)