Peer and Family-run Non-Profit organizations are unique in so many ways, and as active or upcoming leaders, we are tasked with ensuring safe and open environments not only for the communities we serve, but for our staff and volunteers as well. This webinar will allow us the opportunity to review some strategies for handling conflict that happens in peer-run organizations while staying focused on advancing our agency mission and overcoming roadblocks. We will look at steps on how to have a productive conversation while keeping a growth mindset and staying focused on the best interest of the organization and the peers we serve, as well as how to use healthy conversations to advance our work and relationships.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define conflict and conflict resolution
  • Understand the implications of conflict
  • Identify styles of managing conflict in an organization
  • Explore skills for handling conflict in a peer-run organization (staff, volunteers, board members, outside agencies, etc.)
  • Identify resources to further support managing conflict

Click here for the webinar recording and PDF of the slides.