Webinar Recording Now Available: Sailing on Self-Management, the Organization of Empowerment

Presenter: Max Huber

Webinar Description:

Over the last ten years, Max Huber has studied self-managed crisis alternatives (a.k.a. peer respites or consumer run programs), together with participants, peer workers and others involved. His main research was done in the Netherlands, though he visited multiple programs in the US and elsewhere for inspiration and insights. In the final part of his study he organized an international exchange with various types of alternatives. He recently published his book ‘Sailing on selfmanagement, the organization of empowerment in an institutional setting’, to obtain his PhD from the Free University in Amsterdam. He argues that while selfmanagement is not all things, for all men, by offering practical benefits, freedom of choice and opportunities for capacity development, self-managed alternatives are many things for many people. The intrinsic contradictions of these programs, force participants, peer workers and others involved to rethink selfmanagement continuously. The power of groups of participants to reinvent themselves, start over and find new ways to deal with the challenges and opportunities offered is a constant source of amazement for others involved.

In this webinar, Max will discuss the main findings of his research and the implications for further development of self-managed alternatives, both in practice and in policy. There will be ample room for questions and discussion.

Click here for the webinar recording.