Webinar Description:

Whether coping with life challenges, battling isolation, struggling with substance use, or managing complicated relationships, sometimes people just need a person to talk to, someone who has “been there.” Peer-staffed warmlines can be a major source of support in a crisis. Peer specialists are prepared to listen, provide support, validate experiences and explore each caller’s story in a confidential non-judgmental conversation. While many peer services are delivered face to face, telephonic services are a low-barrier and accessible support that offers a pathway into peer relationships. This webinar will give an overview of the history of warmlines, their evolution, and the variety of functions they serve. Participants will leave with an understanding of the diverse functions of warmlines, their differences from hotlines and clinical crisis services, the evidence base for these services, and funding strategies. They will also learn how warmlines can provide support and serve to alleviate social isolation during this time of physical distancing.

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