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Research & Evidence

Mad in America

September 12, 2017|

Mad in America is a web magazine that publishes news of psychiatric research, original journalism articles, blogs, and personal stories that challenge the drug-based paradigm of psychiatric care speak to the need to rethink mental

From Relief to Recovery

September 12, 2017|

Peer Support by Consumers Relieves the Traumas of Disasters and Facilitates Recovery from Mental Illness. By Daniel Fisher, National Empowerment Center (NEC), with assistance from Kay Rote, Oklahoma; LaVerne Miller, New York; David Romprey, Oregon;

ROSI (Recovery Oriented Systems Indicators)

September 12, 2017|

The ROSI consumer self-report survey and administrative profile are designed to assess the recovery orientation of community mental health systems for adults with serious and prolonged psychiatric disorders. The ROSI is developed from and grounded in


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