Just Perfect


By Hanne Arts

Paperback 218 pages

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Through her engaging and well-paced work, 18-year old Hanne Arts provides a helping hand to young adults labeled with mental illnesses worldwide.When sixteen-year-old Christina Jacobs comes to school one day and discovers that life will never be the same again, she soon finds herself sinking away into the bottomless pit of a depression and eating disorder, haunted by her troubled thoughts and experiences and striving for acceptance. Fate was never easy on her, having given her an appearance far from desirable and a family situation far from the norm, but when she is forced to face it all on her own, forced to battle her inner demons, she knows she needs to give all she’s got to fight her way back to the surface and get her life back on track. “Just Perfect” is a grippingly honest account of love and friendship, betrayal and trust, anorexia and the fight for a better tomorrow.


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