Author: Deborah Louise Trueheart

110 pages

Living Into Wholeness is a comprehensive course that acknowledges the inevitability of trauma and loss in human life. It teaches there is a place of wholeness residing at our core that has never been damaged no matter what has happened in our lives. It demonstrates how we become disconnected from this inherent wholeness and provides simple techniques to reconnect with our innate capabilities. It provides a compassionate understanding from a larger perspective that includes awareness of the process on a soul level and a deeper kind of logic that sees all experiences as part of the whole. We are invited to enter the mystery and mastery of the intrinsic wisdom in our own being as we reframe our experience and reassess who we are, how we fit into the world, and our role in shaping our experience.

Embracing and operating from a state of wholeness opens the door to a new paradigm for thinking about and engaging with life. Living Into Wholeness empowers us to become catalysts for change in our lives through straightforward practices that honor our dignity, respect our experience, and instill trust in the greater Lifeforce flowing through us. It involves letting go of old patterns that hinder our genuine state of joy, openness, trust, freedom, and vitality.

The author weaves her own personal story throughout the course and some of her paintings are pictured throughout the book. The appendix offers some of her poetry and other writing. You will learn about:

  • Understanding the Process of Disconnection from your Authentic Self
  • Skills and Principles of Wholeness
  • Using the GABRI Process (Grounding, Aligning, Breathing, Releasing, Infusing)
  • Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (Aces)
  • Changing Experience by Changing what you’re looking for
  • Using Innate Power Tools
  • Accessing Internal Guidance System
  • Understanding Energy Dynamics

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