Presenters: Hilary Van Welter and Bret Warshawsky

Webinar Description:

What If…..

  • the epidemic of crisis, pain, hopelessness and powerlessness are natural responses to the world we consider ‘normal’?
  • those who are deemed to have a ‘mental illness’ and/or ‘addiction’ are in fact some of the most critical pioneers and adventurers of a new ‘normal’ of life and wellbeing?
  • these individuals bring new genius to transform intergenerational and collective traumas so we can co-create a better world for all?
  • the solutions we so desperately need are currently percolating all around us….we just need a new context?

What if….We are being called to move from a biomedical paradigm of mental illness to one of evolution?

These are the questions our presenters have been researching for the past few years that have led them on a journey of discovery using a unique social research and co-creation process based on Alice in Wonderland called A Taste of Wonderland.

Click here for the recording and here for the PowerPoint.