Presenter: Meghan Caughey

Webinar Description:

German artist Gerhard Richter said, “ Art is the highest form of hope.”

We know that hope and healing are closely related and this webinar will explore how art guides one artist, Meghan Caughey, in her recovery, plus how making art can be a tool for you in your own path and in supporting others.

We will view some of the drawings and paintings by Meghan Caughey MFA, and hear the story of the role making art plays in her recovery and life.

Next we invite webinar participants to make their own guided drawings based on the metaphor of the lotus.

We’ll also discuss a few group art activities that peer support specialists and others can use for supporting expression and creativity.

PLEASE BRING: The art activities described above require paper and something to draw with—such as oil pastels, colored pencils or markers, or anything else you prefer.

IF YOU DON’T CONSIDER YOURSELF A GREAT ARTIST—it is fine! No art experience or talent required! It will be light and fun!

After the stories and drawing we will have time for questions and informal discussion.

Click here for the recording.