Presenters: Stephen Valdez, Marilyn Michelle Thomas (“Chelle”), and Joana Arcangel
Moderator: Kim Ewing

Webinar Description:

Peer-run respites offer unique and invaluable types of support and resources to people experiencing mental health crises. Staff and volunteers in this setting must have a set of duties and skills that allow them to cultivate a recovery-oriented and holistic environment. These efforts require a great deal of intentionality and energy to sustain. In this webinar, the presenters seek to connect with others who may benefit from learning about occupational resiliency within these crisis alternative settings.


1. Participants will learn about sustaining hope and co-creating healing communities. Hear from personal and professional experiences of the presenters through their diverse roles: former guest, volunteer, peer support staff, and management.

2. Participants will be able to acknowledge potential challenges that may arise in this setting and recognize signs of burnout for staff.

3. Participants will identify key elements that can be used to sustain one’s well-being while providing support at a peer-run respite: including spirituality, team synergy, setting boundaries, and accountability from leadership.

Click here for the recording and here for the PowerPoint.