Presenter: Karin Jervert

Webinar Description:

In this workshop, we will explore several conditions and intentions in art-making practice which can create spaces that support healing for ourselves and for those in emotional crisis. We will talk about art-making as a container for suffering, anger, altered states and other experiences; how to facilitate flow within this space; and what obstacles can appear like fear, judgement, shame and paralysis. We will talk also a bit about lowering stakes in self-expression by encouraging and incorporating play and mistakes as powerful learning experiences. I will offer tools and ideas that together use art-making practices and concepts as a framework for a philosophy of care and compassion in the presence of our own and other’s suffering, and create portability of these practices so that we can bring these ideas and intentions into our lives and relationships day to day to create positive change within our selves and our larger communities.

Click here for the recording and here for the slides.