Presenters: Nev Jones and Bowen Cho
Moderator: Shira Collings

Webinar Description:

Featuring the work of three lived experience activists, including Bowen Cho (founder of Neurodivergent U), Nev Jones (University of Pittsburgh),  and Shira Collings (National Empowerment Center), this webinar will present on current barriers to inclusion and integration in higher education, including threat assessment and response protocols that in many cases target neurodivergent students, campus initiated involuntary commitment and involuntary/mandated leaves of absence.  Lived experience will be woven throughout.  The webinar will conclude with a panel discussion regarding transformative strategies for change.

Click here for the recording and here for the PowerPoint.

One of the presenters, Bowen Cho, unfortunately was unable to make it. Click here to view Bowen’s website and learn about their work.