The art in this exhibit, Artists for Change, was first created for the Alternatives Conference in 2021. The exhibit is an expanded 2023 version of the original with new visual art and additional new artists.

We invite you to take your time looking at the artwork and reviewing their short bios.  Many have websites where you can find out more about them or with more of their art.  We have provided a website or email address for each of them so that you can contact them. Purchasing art must be arranged between you and the artist.  We take no part in business transactions.

We encourage you to click HERE to visit the Altered States of the Arts, an alternate website of which this exhibit is a part.  There you will find how art played a powerful role in the history of the Psychiatric Survivor movement.  You will also find resources of all kinds that will be helpful to Peer Support Specialists as well as individuals interested in the arts.

Our future is dependent on YOU.  Hopefully, you would like to reorganize Altered States of the Arts.  (See its’ history on the attached website.)  You are the visionaries of the future and will have ideas of how to continually elevate the status of the arts.  Art should be on the top of everyone’s recovery list.  You are the future!

Enjoy this kaleidoscope of creativity in the exhibit here.