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Emotional Distress and Crisis Response

Helper Information: Beyond Pathology

January 26, 2017|

What you can do as a parent or helper of one who is experiencing psycho‐spiritual overwhelm and  emotional suffering: Helper Information: Beyond Pathology (PDF, 156KB, 4 pages)

The Danger and Opportunity in Crisis

January 26, 2017|

The Danger and Opportunity in Crisis Being with a Person Rather than Treating an Illness: by Deborah (Whittle) Trueheart I’m sure you’ve heard that the Chinese character for crisis is a symbol for both danger

Dialogical Recovery of Life

January 24, 2017|Tags: |

During a recent dialogue training, Dr. Peter Rober, from Belgium, said, “listening deeply, going beyond categories, creates dialogical space in which life can come… into this space will come life and super reality.” It


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