Heartbeats Of HopeBy Daniel Fisher, MD, PhD

Book Review by Morgan W. Brown

This rather compelling book, which in large part is a detailed account of the life of its author, provides essential insights into the life experiences and evolving journey that eventually inspired the author to pursue arduous training that led him to a career as a psychiatrist.

The author, Daniel Fisher, himself is someone whose life experience includes, among many other things, having been labeled with serious mental illness and also having been locked up within psychiatric facilities during times of acute crisis.

The subtitle of the book, as well as the title of chapter five (page 107), is:

The Empowerment Way to Recover Your Life.

When I came across chapter five recently, I highlighted the following words within the chapter title (as illustrated within the photo to the left):

The Empowerment Way to Recover Your Life.

Paraphrased, by me, to read:

Having Power Over Your Life.

This is among the several takeaways that I found during my initial read of the book.

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