The CAFÉ TA Center has created a two-part training on organizational sustainability. Organizational Sustainability, Part 1 is an overview of current trends in the nonprofit arena and the impact these could have on consumer run organizations. The presentation also builds a base of understanding for organizational leaders and partners that will enable them to effectively begin a sustainability process to build the capacity and longevity of their organization.

To view Organizational Sustainability, Part 1 follow this link!

Organizational Sustainability, Part Two is a complement to Part One, and provides detailed guidance on developing a functional sustainability plan for your organization. The training features a targeted focus on four key areas: Accountability, Financial Security, Organizational Management, and Relationships. Along with this training, you will also find an Organizational Sustainability Screening and a template for Organizational Longevity Planning, along with guidance on how to use them with your organization. You can also download the Nonprofit Development and Sustainability Resource Sheet to assist you in locating additional sustainability technical assistance.

To view Organizational Sustainability, Part Two follow this link