Gayle Bluebird lost her daughter, Wendy, at age 43, July 14, 2008. Her poems, Pink Hats for Wendy are a tribute to her and also an exploration of their relationship to each other. Mothers and Daughter relationships are never easy and have many twists and turns over years. But when a mother had left children at early ages, due to mental illness, it is especially hard to recapture, redefine, what has been lost. Nevertheless, it is never too late to love; love can always communicate and heal. Bluebird and Wendy tried and partially succeeded. These poems are another way Bluebird could love her.

Pink Hats for Wendy (PDF, 73KB, 27 pages)

Book Review by Lauren Spiro

A few days after Wendy passed Gayle shared a rough draft of “Pink Hats for Wendy”. I immediately read every word, with Gayle sitting next to me. On three different occasions, with three different poems, I burst into tears. And at the end I said, “You must publish this”.

Pink Hats is a precious and deeply moving glimpse into the thoughts, daily routines, unforgettable memories of the unique mother–daughter bonding process – and all that gets stirred up as you watch your daughter weaken as death calls. A mother’s pain is hard to imagine but Gayle invites us in and wraps us in her tales. In her unique and quirky way, Gayle shares a deeply personal and exquisite journey that honors and celebrates all the moments of life.