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Author: Al Galves

224 pages

Do you ever wonder why you made a wrong decision or why you feel badly about being angry, jealous or anxious? Do you have a need for constant affirmation and approval from others? Is there something lurking beneath the surface that influences your actions?

Harness Your Dark Side shows the ways in which an individual can confront and harness the negative drives, deep-rooted beliefs and troubled feelings that make up his or her dark side, and simmer beneath the surface. Coming face-to-face with these fearful and scary parts of our character and by utilizing them in positive ways, we will ultimately find a more satisfying and healthy balance of mind and body.

Al Galves, Ph.D. skillfully shows by using psychological research, self-help exercises, proven strategies and therapeutic case studies how to channel negative emotions and energy into positives. Harness Your Dark Side provides the keys to living well by teaching you how to be aware of all the emotions that you are experiencing – the good and the bad – and using them to live, love and express yourself.

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