For adults with severe psychiatric problems, consumer-managed residential programs may be the way to go, a study suggests. A 2008 American Journal of Community Psychology study compared the effectiveness of an unlocked, mental health consumer-managed, crisis residential program (CRP) to a locked, inpatient psychiatric facility (LIPF) for adults for severe psychiatric problems. Participants in the CRP experienced significantly greater improvement on interviewer-rated and self-reported psychopathology than did participants in the LIPF condition; service satisfaction was dramatically higher in the CRP condition.

Title of Study: A Randomized Trial of a Mental Health Consumer-Managed Alternative to Civil Commitment for Acute Psychiatric Crisis. Greenfield, TK, Stoneking, BC, Humphreys, K, Sundby, E, and Bond, J (2008). American Journal of Community Psychology 42 (1/2):135-144.

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