The Voices of Transformation: Developing Recovery-Based Statewide Consumer Organizations manual has been developed by the National Empowerment Center (NEC) and the Recovery Consortium, who worked together to share their experiences in building viable and effective coalitions for transformation in their states, to identify the commonalities and differences in their experiences, and to provide guidance for consumer/survivor groups looking to develop or strengthen these initiatives in their own area and those wishing to support these initiatives. This manual provides an overview of the history of each organization, problems that were encountered by each, and the elements found to be essential in the creation of strong, sustainable, statewide, recovery-focused, consumer-run organizations. Our hope is that you will find the collective wisdom and experience described in this manual helpful as you seek to form new statewide consumer organizations and to strengthen existing ones. [Click to view Voices of Transformation (PDF 2MB, 104 pages)]