Presenter: Josh Roberts

Webinar Description:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. The lenses through which we see mental health conditions are crucial in providing compassionate navigational maps that lead to deep healing. This session offers a fresh set of lenses that allow you to elicit the gifts of neurodiversity, meaning, and purpose. A meta-map of the territory will be drawn by synergizing the worldviews of depth psychology, Greek philosophy, shamanism, spirituality, and current research. Endorsed by NAMI San Diego, and studied by the University of California San Diego to be approved as a treatment modality, South African Josh guides you through a dynamic presentation and breakout session that unpacks the game-changing gifts of neurodiversity.

Teaser Video:


1. Utilize their enhanced cultural competency to better select a cosmology that aligns with peers’ self-reports

2. Become aware of models that supplement and balance the biological model of psychosis

3. Appreciate the diversity of perspectives that lie beyond culturocentrism and chronocentrism

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