Webinar Recording Now Available: Youth Empowerment and Self-Discovery through Emotional CPR in Schools

A SAMHSA-sponsored two-part series webinar presented by the National Coalition of Mental Health Recovery
Presenters: Sean Perry and Felicity Therese Krueger

Webinar Description:

Incorporating peer-led support programs for youth as part of school-based mental health support is critical in eliminating stigma surrounding mental health challenges, increasing a sense of hope, and promoting behavioral health equity. Access to peer-led support is increasingly important as we continue to face a global pandemic and its long-term cumulative effects that have drastically changed the ways that youth navigate the world.

This webinar will explore how Youth Emotional CPR, a public health program that teaches participants from ages 16 to 25 how to support themselves and each other amidst emotional distress, can be successfully introduced in the public school setting and yield positive outcomes for students who participate. The presenters will explain how learning to connect (C), emPower (P), and revitalize (R) can teach youth about the power of mutual support, nonverbal connections, active listening, and finding the healer within. They will explore the concept of “empowerment” and discuss how it can give youth the tools to advocate for themselves on their journeys to healing and wellness, which can then lead to building a more compassionate and supportive community. The presenters will also share some strategies for introducing Youth eCPR to various school systems.

After the webinar, the participants will be invited to an interactive discussion on February 28th where they can get a firsthand experience of Youth eCPR, ask additional questions, and share their thoughts on how school systems could support youth in finding empowerment and the healer within themselves.


1. Learn about the C = connect, P = empower, and R = revitalize of the eCPR program and how these elements can work together to support youth in emotional distress in the school setting.

2. Explore how the concept of “empowerment” can help youth advocate for themselves in their wellness journey.

3. Learn about strategies to introduce Youth eCPR to youth, school systems, community members, and other stakeholders.

Click here to view the recording of Part 1 and here to view the recording of Part 2.