Depression & Emotional Distress Bibliography

January 26, 2017|

Wellness/healing/natural health Baumel, Syd, Dealing with Depression Naturally, 1995. Bloomfield, Harold & Peter McWilliams, How to Heal Depression, 1994.’ Borysenko, Joan, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind 1987, and other books Breggin, Peter R., M.D.,

Nurturing Oneself in Depression

January 26, 2017|

When Not In A Depressed State: • Make a list of things you enjoy, things that bring you pleasure. • Find one person you trust who you can call or who will be willing to

Another Look at Depression

January 26, 2017|

What if depression was viewed not as an illness, but rather, a call; a call from your own soul? Is it possible there is a gift in depression? We are told that depression is

10 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

January 24, 2017|

Live simply. Don't clutter up your life with too many things. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep; eat healthy foods. Think positively. Fill your mind with uplifting images. Be cooperative. Resist the common tendency

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